How you can earn as a part of a crowd?

With the rapid rise of crowdsourcing over the last five years since the term was coined in 2006,  there has been a lot of coverage on how individuals, organizations and businesses can implement the concept into their work.

But what about the worker? Since crowdsourcing is making such a visible impact on the way work is done, how can professionals and creatives benefit from the crowdsourcing model? Here are ideas for participating on crowdsourcing sites for perks, prizes, and, yes, even income.

1. Work for Money

If you’re up for doing small tasks that other people might find tedious, this option may be a fit for you. Micro-labor means you often get paid pennies per piece of a task you complete. For example, you could choose an appropriate category for an extensive list of lodgings for a penny per answer. If you respond accurately to 500, you’ve made $5.00, if you do 5,000, you’ve made $50.

2. Pitch to Win Business

There are a number of specific opportunities for crowdworkers in the fields of design, marketing, writing, photography and video. One can coordinate and filter the crowd of experts. One gets creative briefs, and can pitch on creative work. One is not asked to do spec work, but instead submit a proposal or ideas.

3. Contribute Ideas

If you are good at coming up with ideas, you may want to try this alternative. Remember, there is no guarantee you will win, and you cannot “protect” the ideas you contribute.

Work may involve contests such as coming up with a new domain name for an IT business and developing a new brand name that incorporates a word specific to the value of that brand.

4. Enter a Design Contest

While there continues to be a debate about whether or not designers should participate in contests (which essentially lead to spec work), there is a lot of anecdotal evidence that it can be a great way to break into an industry or a market.